Take action from abroad

To empower the Nepali youth, technological knowledge is needed. This is provided by our knowledge partners and young experts from abroad.
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Why Nepal?

The differences between population groups in Nepal are large and many people live in poverty. Impactful projects are needed to fulfill local needs like sanitation, energy and flood protection. In addition, Nepalese culture is very special and the people are friendly.

Young expert

Our young experts are volunteers between the age of 18 and 30 years old. They can be students or young professionals. We believe in a youth-youth connection. When two young people work together they can share knowledge but also learn from the differences and similarities in their cultures and upbringing. This creates a special and open connection to optimize the learning experience for both sides. Because of this, we encourage young experts who are willing to share the expertise to volunteer with us!

Knowledge partner

The knowledge partners from countries like the Netherlands, Germany and the US are an indispensable link in the process of supporting Nepal. They provide us with the technological expertise that is requested by our local Nepalese partners. Therefore we are looking for knowledge institutes or companies that are interested in becoming knowledge partners.

Do you want to share your knowledge? Let’s check some boxes:

Do you have (access to) expertise in the technological field?

Would you like to dedicate yourself to projects that empower young people?

Would you like to help people in need by sharing your knowledge?

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