Our model

We believe in a need to solution approach. This means that we first find out what the real needs are before finding a solution. Curious how we go from the real local need to a sustainable solution? Take a close look at our model by clicking on our steps

The local needs are defined by the local communities. They are based on problems that influence the quality of life, health and safety of the Nepali people.
Our partners in Nepal are local organizations, non-profits or government institutions which find solutions to fulfill these local needs.
Many bright young Nepali people who envision a better future for their communities work at these organizations. However, they often do not have access to the knowledge that is needed to find a sustainable solution.
Outside of Nepal, we have a network of knowledge partners in the US and Europe with expertise on various disciplines.
Many young people involved with our knowledge partners are looking for an opportunity to contribute to a better world. Connecting these young experts with the young representatives from Nepal, allows them to work together to find a technical solution for the local need. At the same time, they share experiences and learn from each other.
The technical solution is implemented by the young representatives in Nepal and their team. They will build it, inspect it and repair it if needed. Finally they review its impact on the local need.